Upcoming License to Carry Class Schedule


Fernando G. said "Took the class today. Not as boring or long as I thought. Very interesting and full of info. Larry and Wes are very informative. If I had to do it again, I wouldnt want to do it anywhere else but here. If you dont know how to shoot a gun, load the clip, take the clip out the gun, PLEASE practice/learn BEFORE you get here so you wont slow the class down. Wes also brought in PLENTY of snacks for the class. 5 STARS FOR SURE!"

Carl B. said "Great class very informative! Larry and Wes are the best!"

Andrew H. said "While people will complain that the class time is a bit long, the overall experience was positive. Larry did a good job of interjecting some humor when necessary and fleshing out how a CHL carries some very real responsibility with the privileges. He also kept it professional and did his best to keep the class on track when people wanted to ask "what if" questions. Don't expect this to be a pleasure cruise but if you go into this without much knowledge of gun laws in Texas or what you gain from getting a CHL, expect to be enlightened. "

Danny L. said "I found this class to be very informative and educational. However, some parts of the lecture can challenge your ability to pay full attention because of the technical legal jargon, but at least they have free coffee to help! The videos and other discussions of techniques and personal stories that were shared also made things more interesting."